Juan, Nena and Dolly

Paquit Tumpong:

"Nitang Lopez said to Nena while they were playing mah-jong: Look, Nena, she’s (Dolly) leaving for the States for treatment of her asthma. Inday Nena replied, ay, nagakomulgar si Nito, and they all laughed. When your Lolo arrived from his trip, I heard it was around-the-world, it was a few days later that he had the accident. Inday Amparing Changco Regner said that when Don Juan died, they were cleaning out his office to see if he had left any instructions behind, they found unfinished, crumpled letters in the wastebasket. They were his letters to Dolly, and were written in English but Inday Amparing told me this in Visayan: after all that I have done for you, is this what you do to me?"

Carmen Luz:

"There was a scandalous picture that appeared in the society page of the local newspaper (Chronicle? Manila Times?) that captioned Dolly’s picture as “Dolly Ledesma.”"

Pacita de los Reyes Philips (interview, Manila, April 1999)

"And you know what, the talk among us friends was that she had gotten married and she went to Cuba with him. You know, and they would say that he would drive, his mind would not be on his driving. He even had an accident in Plaza Lawton here. Plaza Lawton is in front of Metropolitan. Hindi naman grabe iyon, bangaan lamang. I knew, we knew about this accident. Eh, alam naman kung sino iyon, you drive alone and there were no cars.

He was very much in love with her, he spent money on her, a lot of money. She would travel several times to America, pero hindi sila makasabay. He was heartbroken when she got married and she wanted to get married because all her life, she was living in poor quarters lang, a very hard life. And then she met Johnny who was very, very generous to her and she wanted respectability. And she married this, I think he came here bringing this very pedigreed cocks, expensive cocks, sabungero, for a sort of a tournament between Filipino sabungeros. He was brought here because wala sa America ang cock-fighting. Mexico and Cuba had cockfighting, for the big gamblers."

Paquit Tumpong:

"When your Lolo died, at around eight o'clock, the whole family and the Ledesmas were at Forbes to pray the rosary, the servants would stay up late in the church to make coffee in the back, with Elias and Gorio. The woman (Dolly) went there when the family wasn't around."


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